Paris Jackson wants to become an example for imitation

19-year-old Paris Jackson gave an interview to the publication Stellar. The daughter of Michael Jackson told about her attitude to herself and about what her everyday life is now full of.

In her interview, Paris admitted:

"I would like to become a role model, which parents watch with their children. Of course, I'm not perfect, but I think it's important to show others that I have a zest, like everyone else. I am the same person as everyone around me, and I consider this important. "

The girl actively participates in charity missions. Now she pays a lot of time to help the affected families after the hurricane in Puerto Rico. The daughter of the legendary star seeks to live like most young people:

"I have four dogs and three cats, and they are my whole life. When I do not work and rest, my day usually consists of reading, watching TV and walking with my animals or brothers. I do not have a very busy life. Calm life is a happy life. "

Paris closely communicates with the brothers Prince and Prince II. With the elder she is especially close. Also, Jackson shared what she had previously complexed with herself.

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