Salma Hayek Says Goodbye To Her Dog Blue

Salma Hayek is sure that her dog is in better place. Obviously, this does not make saying goodbye any easier.

The star went on Instagram in order to memorialize Blue, her pet. The dog died last week after an illness.

Salma wrote that her Blue’s body died. Hayek uploaded a series of shots of the two. Even though the star understands her dog is in a better place, her eyes can’t stop crying.

Only 2 weeks ago Salma announced that her pup that has been treated at the Advanced Critical Care of LA was struggling for her health. The dog was getting better. According to Salma, the pup had a very rare auto immune disease. Doctors gave the star 2 options^ put the dog to sleep or try an experimental care.

Unfortunately the dog’s struggle came to its end. We remind you that Salma lost another dog last year. Mozart was shot on her ranch.

We hope that Hayek finds comfort in her other pets.