Sarah Jessica Parker And Other Former Annie Actresses Join For 40th Anniversary

Sarah Jessica Parker joined up with a host of other former Annie stars onstage in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the musical for an Inside Edition special event airing this Wednesday.

The star performed the red-headed orphan back in 1979. Actually, it was one of her 1st acting works. She shared the stage with lots of former Annie actress, as well as Andre MvArdle, the original Annie from 1977 (Broadway production). The stars recollected the episodes of the role and shared how the role shaped their lives. McArdle says that at that age, when one is so impressionable, it is simply amazing.

Jessica got the part at the age of 14. She recollects that she watched Andrea and assumed she will never be in Annie. Taylor Richardson was the last girl to perform Annie on Broadway before it closed 3 years ago.