Selena Gomez Managed To Accept Her Scar From Kidney Transplantation

Selena Gomez received the title of Billboard’s Woman of the Year for 2017. The 25-year-old singer shared about her health. We remind you that the star underwent kidney transplantation.

This September the star shared that she had the surgery done in summer. Everything happened because of the complications resulting from lupus. More than 5 year ago Selena was diagnosed with this disease. Obviously, the procedure resulted with a scar on the star’s torso. At first it was really hard for Gomez to accept it.

The star recollects that she was looking at herself naked at first and thought about all things she used “to bi*ch” about and asking “Why?”

When Selena looks at her body now, she sees life. She always can do lasers and creams or even a plastic surgery. Selena feels she is wonderfully made, disregarding she does not have perfect abs.

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