Selena Gomez in the image of a fatal beauty

It turns out that the beautiful Selena Gomez can easily appear in the image of a fatal temptress!

Take a look at her new photo shoot. It is worth starting with the fact that in this photo session Selena Gomez was shot some time ago - clearly before the moment she lightened her hair. The image of the fatal temptress, she tried on for the filming of Billboard magazine, which last month awarded the singer the honorary title "Woman of the Year."

On new frames Selena appears powerful, sexual and even somewhat aggressive. Her look - with a challenge, she is here - dangerous and alluring. A black jacket, worn over a naked body, a dark make-up that emphasizes the eyes, a dark lipstick and the look of a femme fatale - the photoset was also very stylish. However, her personal life is no less interesting than creative. Just a couple of days after parting with the artist The Weeknd, the girl was noticed in the company of the ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. It turned out that it was not just a friendly meeting: they are together again and do not hide their feelings - they even kiss in public.

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