Serena Williams shared a problem related to her little baby

"My little girl has a new problem. Teeth are cut. This gives her a lot of inconvenience. She feels so much pain. I do not even know how to help my princess, my mother's fingers, the homeopathic water, but it does not help, it just breaks my heart" - said the tennis player.

I really need a mother who would put me to bed, "Serena wrote on her Instagram page. Social users were sympathetic to the problems of the star, many noted that it was a very tiring and difficult moment in the life of the family when stress and insomnia pursued Some people advised painkillers, others simply offered to bravely sustain a difficult stage of growth of the daughter.

However, the star thanked all the fans for their care and attention. It is worth noting that many star couples face such problems without sufficient preparation. Many psychologists advise to take parental courses where professionals help couples psychologically prepare for future children.

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