Taylor Swift Music Video Director Joseph Kahn Blasts Gender 'Double Standards'

Taylor Swift surprised her fans and pleased with the new masterpiece.

When the MTV Video Music Awards - 2017 went on, Taylor Swift published her music video for the song "Look What You Made Me Do".

Joseph Kahn, the director of the video, said that this work reveals the problems of many women, including Taylor Swift. The song addresses the social problem of double standards in modern society. It is worth saying that Taylor used in the new clip 11 different images.

Generally, Swift's new clip resembles a chronicle: director Joseph Kahn used various singer's outlets from old videos - from a little girl in "You Belong With Me" to a new Taylor - the most sought-after singer. It is rumored that the popular singer has dedicated this composition to her colleague, rapper Kanye West, with whom he has been at war for several years. Recall, the conflict between the artists began when Kanye interrupted speech Taylor, who received the MTV Video Awards for the clip You Belong With Me. West tried to take away her reward and said that the prize should go to Beyoncé.

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