The director of "Fantastic Beasts" spoke in defense of the return of Johnny Depp in the sequel

The actor will appear in the film, despite accusations of domestic violence.

In the middle of November studio Warner Bros. said that in the sequel to the movie "Fantastic Beasts and their habitats" the role of the dark magician Grindelwald will again play Johnny Depp. Users of the network negatively perceived this message because of public accusations from former wife of actor Amber Hurd, who claimed that Depp repeatedly raised her hand.

Directed by David Yates, who produced the last four films about Harry Potter, acted in defense of the actor.

"Honestly, the problem now is that numerous victims blame many people for different things, and these are convincing and frightening accusations," Yates said in an interview for EW.

If we talk about the Internet community, opinions are divided. Many fans of the actor believe that you should not transfer personal life to work and shooting in the film. A large part of the audience believes that these things are incompatible.

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