The new achievement of Paris Hilton Cosmetics: Exclusive cooperation with Parlux Fragrances, Inc.

Parlux Fragrances, Inc. will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the cosmetics line Paris Hilton Cosmetics.

The current contract with Paris Hilton is not the first in the history of Parlux: today Parlux is the manufacturer and distributor of Paris Hilton perfume line, and not so long ago signed an agreement on the production and sale of watches from Paris Hilton.

"It was the popularity of perfumes from Paris Hilton that influenced our decision to sign a new agreement with Paris Hilton Cosmetics. We are confident that the current contract opens up huge opportunities for us in terms of cooperation with new companies and attraction of new distributors, "said Parlux President Ilia Lekach.

Paris Hilton and Parlux plan to continue cooperation and discuss the possibility of organizing a joint venture for the production and sale of perfume and cosmetics products in the US.

In the portfolio of Parlux Fragrances, Inc., a manufacturer of cosmetics and perfumes with a world-wide reputation, there are many brands that have proved themselves in the market.

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