Tom Felton Is Still Faithful To Slytherin

6 years have passed after the final Harry Potter film’s presentation, but Tom Felton remains loyal to the Slytherin house.

The star, 29, performed Draco Malfoy in the series. He went undercover to a recent Harry Potter Film Concert Series set in Vancouver.

Tom wore a Slytherin sweatshirt along with a green baseball cap to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with live musical accompaniment.

Felton uploaded a snap of him on Snapchat and captioned “You can take the boy out of Hogwarts…”

Tom also got his The Flash co-star Jesse L.Martin wearing a green and white Sythering scarf for the event.

Felton tagged Chris Columbus, Harry Potter director and wrote “Yes, we did”. Columbus responded to this writing “My two favourite actors!” and called them “the greatest”.