Tweeters Can't Get Enough of Ryan Gosling's Ruffled Oscars Shirt — Read the Funniest Reactions!

Ryan Gosling sported a look at this year’s Academy Awards that gave him a fascination comparison in Social media: a diaper.

The 36-year-old star was accompanied by Mandi, his sister, at the ceremony. Eva Mendes, his partner, watched the ceremony on TV at home. The La La Land star wore a Gucci tuxedo yesterday. He also was clad in an accompanying button-up tahtw as complete with mini-ruffles piped in black, straight from an ‘80s prom. The reaction of people was immediate. They consider this look to be hilarious.

As you definitely know, Gosling is not the only one star to sport weird looks on the red carpet. For example, Terrence Howard wore a printed sapphire robe by La Perla for the event.

We remind you that Ryan was nominated for his character in a retro-inspired footage, so let’s take it easy.