When Does Kristen Bell Reveals Consider Dax Shepard To Be Sexy?

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spice up things in the bedroom, but this has to deal with actions outside of their house.

The stars shared how they manage to keep up the heat in their marriage. Dax confessed that Kristen considers him to be sexy only when he over-tips people. According to him this makes Bell horniest, so he tries to do it frequently.

Shepard also joked that he gets roused only once per 6 months as he is older. So, when that happens he tips like a mother.

According to Kristen, his director chair seat also gets her in the mood.

However, a little costume change cannot be harmful. The actress wore a risqué red bathing suit for their comedy. She even stopped breastfeeding for a day in order to make her breasts look extra large.