51-year-old Hally Berry shocking frank photos

Halle Berry, who this year will celebrate her 52nd birthday, pleased her fans.

Berry shared a new photo, where she posed topless. True, this picture can not be provocative, because the actress has turned her back on the viewer.

However, this does not prevent us from admiring the figure of the actress that is amazing for her age. New photo Holly made on the occasion of the development of a new yoga posture - a rack on his head.

"I want to boast of my new achievement, I mastered this pose quite recently. And I would like you to learn how to do it too! However, I wanted to note that you should not reduce yoga only to asanas. Do not forget about meditations. As surveys have shown, a significant part of people who consider themselves happy, meditate every day. Since I started to meditate regularly, I also feel much happier..."- such a small "lecture" was accompanied by a picture of Berry, who would like her fans, following the example of the actress, lead a healthy lifestyle.

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