Amber Rose reduced her breasts!

The famous American model and artist Amber Rose, who is known to the general public for her lush breasts, made an unexpected decision.

So, the star decided to get rid of its main virtue. The girl informed her subscribers in Instagram that in the next few days she will go for a breast reduction operation. According to Rose, she is too heavy, because of what her back hurts, and she cannot wear comfortable shirts. The fashion model wanted to make her a little less, and finally she was able to do it. January 28, Ember shared on the web the result of the operation.

"Okay, here it is! - commented on her video, Rose, opening her robe. "Look how much less it has become." By the way, surgery for breast reduction Rose was conducted by surgeon Garton Fisher. "She had a gorgeous chest, but she wanted to reduce it, to feel freer, choose clothes without problems, run, jump and enjoy life" - commented the doctor. Users of social networks have reacted ambiguously to the changes in celebrity. However, many noticed that the state of health is primarily, therefore, this step is justified from the point of view of health.

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