Arnold Schwarzenegger visited his old friend with a son Joseph

Longtime rivals, and now almost the best friends of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger met on Christmas Eve.

Arnold paid a visit to a colleague and not alone, but with his illegitimate son Joseph. Snapshot, which without a doubt can be historical, Stallone shared in the microblog.

At one time, the public was filled with rumors of irreconcilable hostility between two heroes of militants and personalities who personify a whole era in the world of cinema. The reason for this is the rivalry between two actors, both in terms of career and in real life. But Sly and Arnie once again refute the ridiculous rumors "fraternal" pictures.

One of these photos was published by Sylvester Stallone in his microblog. In the picture, he stands in the company of a friend and his son. All three men hold cigars in their hands and seem to enjoy sharing their time together. According to Stallone, the “big man” (as he calls Arnold) with his son Joseph came to him on Christmas Eve and revived everything around him.

The words of the actor are not in doubt. If anyone knows how to create the right atmosphere, it’s the irresistible Iron Arnie. Speaking of Joseph, the young man is a celebrity's bastard child. Arnold Schwarzenegger recognized him. It is known that Joseph's mother was one of Arnold's housekeepers.

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