Beyonce's Vegan Diet

Beyonce decided to keep a diet before important events. 

The singer, 36, uploaded a snap of a tasty-looking snack with avocado, peppers and mint. The star also made a caption that reads “44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!!” 

Beyonce tagged 22 Days Nutrition. This is a vegan meal delivery program that the star and Marco Borges, her longtime trainer are presenting. It has started back in 2013. 

According to the program, one should eat clean for 22 days straight to help transform bodies and lives. 

By the way, Jay-Z, her husband, decided to blogged about his own experience keeping to the diet based on plants. This happened one day before his birthday. The star turned 44. 

And it looks like the diet is working! The star uploaded snaps while in rehearsals for the California music festival. She was dressed in a red crop top. The piece of closing complemented Beyonce’s abs. 

Expect to see the singer at Coachella this April. The star will headline along with Eminem and The Weeknd. We remind you that her previous performance at this event was postponed because she was pregnant with twins.

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