Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shared their secrets of happiness

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are married for about six years. The famous couple grows up two daughters - James and Ines.

Stars are still trying to hide their relationships on the public. But they willingly share with the society the rules that help make their family life happy and bright.

A few rules of family happiness Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are simple. More often to laugh each other, for them is the first rule. Young people have repeatedly admitted that they very much like to joke with each other. By the way, they often mix their admirers and journalists with this.

For example, once Ryan published on his page in the Instagram photo from the filming of the film, in which his wife took part. In this photo, you can hardly see the usual stylish Blake - the actress walks down the street in baggy clothes, with a short haircut and a very tired look. Reynolds left the signature under the photo, writing "without filters", which in the modern world means that a girl always looks like this in life.

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