Brad Pitt bequeaths 250 million dollars to his children

Brad Pitt, whose former wife Angelina Jolie had previously accused of greed, gives his children $ 250 million - almost everything he owns.

The funds will be divided equally among them. In this case, Pitt wants to be sure that Jolie will not get access to money - including after his death. 54-year-old Brad feels great but wants to take care of the future just in case.

"Brad's intention is that all the money that he will not pay to Angelina under the terms of the divorce proceedings and as alimony was safely protected. He installs a screen specifically designed to prevent her from running her hands into his cash ... Brad has a ton of money in the bank. Now, while he still owns them, Pitt wants to take measures to get them to his children, but not their mother ... Brad saw during the divorce, what an angry Angelina might be. This taught him not to trust her - especially with regard to finance, "- says the source of the publication.

Pitt and Jolie officially married on August 23, 2014 - after ten years of romantic relationships. The spouses have six children: three adopted children (17-year-old Cambodian Maddox, 14-year-old Vietnamese Pax and 13-year-old Ethiopian Zahara) and three biological (12-year-old Shiloh and ten-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne).

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