Cher revealed details of relations with Tom Cruise

Recently, the 72-year-old actress gave an interview in which she told about her novel with actor Tom Cruise.

According to Cher, when she met Tom, he was still a little-known 22-year-old actor, but the singer was 38-years-old and she was first nominated for an Oscar.

For the first time, Cher met Cruz in 1985 at the wedding of Madonna and Sean Penn in Malibu. However, the relationship between them arose later - at a reception in the White House with Ronald Reagan.

"The White House invited a group of people with dyslexia to talk about the latest research on this disorder. Turned out that I have dyslexia and Tom too. Of course, at the reception, there was nothing between us, but after we began meets, but the inexplicable relationship between us arose just then".

And although the celebrity romance did not last long, they still managed to remain friends.

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