David Beckham will release a line of men's cosmetics

Famous footballer Manchester United and AC Milan, David Beckham intrigued the fans with good news.

David presents his own line of cosmetics with the short title "House 99" already this year. As it became known from recent reports, David will very soon present a line of men's cosmetics called "House 99" to the public. In this collection of players will be an indispensable thing for many men - a means for shaving and skin care.

In all there will be about 20 units of the goods. The line of cosmetics will be presented in February this year in London, at the Harvey Nichols department store. Only then they will appear on sale in 19 countries of the world, where everyone can buy the products of the famous football player.

According to David himself, now he is very worried before launching cosmetics on the market. He is sure that the cosmetics brand «House 99» will be indispensable for every man who cares for his appearance at home and was able to assess the quality of products. Fans of the football star are looking forward to the presentation. Many are confident that these cosmetics will be one of the best on the world market. After all, Beckham's taste is excellent. It is not for nothing that he is called an icon of style, like his wife.

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