Demi Lovato celebrated the anniversary of her victory over alcoholism

This weekend Demi Lovato had a special occasion to celebrate - and not only St. Patrick's Day.

The singer celebrated six years of her victory over alcohol addiction, after which she gave a full speech at her New York concert.

"Six years ago on this day I drank vodka from a bottle from Sprite at 9 am, and then I felt sick in the car" - so Demi began her appeal to the fans. "I remember how at that moment I thought:" It's no longer fun. This is no longer a pleasure. I became like my father. "So I looked at my life and said to myself: "Something needs to be changed. I must give up alcohol "- and I did it."

"I will not tire of thanking you guys for the support that you have been giving me all these years, for forgiving me for my mistakes. Thank you for being a part of what saved my life. I love you! ", Concluded the singer from the stage, finally touching the fans gathered at the concert. In 2011, Demi Lovato decided to start a new life: the singer got rid of addictions. March 15, on Twitter, the artist said that for 6 years she is absolutely sober way of life.

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