Forbes named the most profitable actor in 2018

Forbes annually sums up the results for different categories, on December 26 and called the rating of the actors who brought the greatest and lowest profits to the film studios. This is reported on the website of the publication.

The most profitable actor in the film industry this year was Jeremy Renner, who for every dollar received for the role, the studio he brought 82.70 dollars. The top three also included actors Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams, who brought film companies $80.20 and $69.90, respectively, for every dollar they received from the contract.

Quite famous actors also entered anti-rating. The first line in the list of the most overvalued actors was Matthew McConaughey, who, for every dollar he received, brought the studio only 1.10 dollars. The list also includes actors Christian Bale - $1.50, Matt Damon - 3.70, and others. We offer to view the lists of the most profitable and least profitable film actors of this year.

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