Jennifer Lawrence in a candid dress at the Red Sparrow Photocall

At the London photo shoot, dedicated to the release of the movie "Red Sparrow," starring Jennifer Lawrence appeared in a very candid outfit - a black dress with a deep neckline and a high cut, reports the Daily Mail.

The brave outfit of the actress attracted the attention of the paparazzi as soon as she got out of the car. The classic dress cut was combined with a very bold neckline. Dress Jennifer Lawrence forced journalists to recall the outfits of Elizabeth Hurley and Lady Gaga.

Previously, Jennifer Lawrence said that for the shooting in the "Red Sparrow" she was required to appear in front of the camera completely naked, but she was not uncomfortable. It seems that a frank outfit allowed the actress to be convinced once again of her own courage. Fans of the actress were divided in opinions. Many praised the actress for such a brave act. Some users of social networks cite that such frankness is redundant. Whatever it was, the actress received a certain amount of attention. Advertising and PR are measured exclusively in terms of effectiveness, regardless of the original actions. And the result of the action is achieved.

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