Kanye West: Kim Kardashian was going to divorce me!

Not so long ago, Kanye West admitted that he had mental problems, which is why he had to see a doctor, however, even after professional help, his wife Kim Kardashian found it difficult to communicate with others.

Almost at the same time she had serious problems in the family, moreover, the conflicts with Kim reached such a pitch that the star couple even thought about divorce. According to the musician, their conflict with his wife was connected with his performance on TMZ Live. In it, he stated that slavery was a deliberate choice of people.

"Everything at once became bad, and I felt it. I was uneasy, and I began to talk with other members of our family and take an interest in their opinion, "Kanye told reporters. "I asked everyone: '' Does Kim really want to leave me? ''. Then this problem became for me the most serious, although in reality my words were simply pulled out of context, "Kanye explained, but he did not explain how he managed to reach an agreement with Kim. Thus, West's new interview was the first in which he admitted that they did not always get along with Kardashian.

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