Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx did not hide feelings at the Grammy party

About the novel by Cathy Holmes and Jamie Foxx is practically nothing. Lovers have only recently stopped hiding from the public, but still do not rejoice with joint releases.

Paparazzi managed to capture a couple during a party in honor of the Grammy Award in New York. Lovers did not take their eyes off each other and did not try to restrain their feelings! It seems, and after a five-year romance, Cathy and Jamie are in love with each other, as well as at the very beginning of the relationship. Many bloggers even believe that the couple is soon getting ready to get married. However, these assumptions of the fans have not yet received any official confirmation. And they have a lot of reasons for joy.

The main one is the long-awaited "exit from the underground": according to insiders, after the divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012, Katie Holmes under the contract could not meet publicly with anyone for five years. Recently this period has come to an end, and Cathy and Jamie have finally ceased to hide their Secret of the Polyshinel and assure everyone that they are "just friends". We cannot but rejoice over the happy couple! Maybe now 39-year-old Cathy and 50-year-old Jamie will decide on the next step in relations and will begin to prepare for the wedding?

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