Keira Knightley weight are increase

Popular actress Keira Knightley recently surprised fans with her figure in a swimsuit.

Once Kira Knightley was famous for her leanness, because of which her figure was often compared with a boyish one, blamed the star for anorexia and the fact that young girls begin to lose weight unhealthily, following the example of a popular actress. Now the celebrity gained weight, but the fans were still unhappy.

Now 33-year-old Keira Knightley with 34-year-old husband James Raithon rest in one of the resorts in Italy, where they were photographed by the ubiquitous paparazzi. Pictures of the actress in a swimsuit immediately flew around Net and caused considerable resonance due to the shape of the star.

Many fans said that the figure of Kira has changed for the worse. If earlier the actress was proportionally thin, now from former elegance there was only a breast of "zero size", and femurs considerably increased in volumes.

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