Kim Kardashian threatens Kanye West with a divorce

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been married for four years. On the part of their relationship seem ideal: the couple brings up three children, support each other at important events and publish happy photos on social networks.

However, lately, there have been rumors on the Internet about the upcoming divorce of the couple. Allegedly, Kim was sick of the fact that Kanye does not know how to restrain himself.

According to the insider, Kardashian often manipulates West through threats. So, for example, recently it was the star who forced her husband to apologize for saying about the slavery of the black people, which caused a grand scandal. "Kim and Kanye are going to launch a new reality show, so she decided that he should publicly apologize for his words." Kim was already tired of her husband's tricks and said that if he did not start to listen to her, she would just divorce him, "- said the insider.

Fans actively discuss the relationship of stars in social networks. Many consider the star couple too expressive. Publicity also leaves its emotional imprint.

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