Kris Jenner appeared on public with the boyfriend

Recently, Kris Jenner is less likely to go out with his 37-year-old boyfriend.

Nevertheless, it seems that the couple managed to restore the relationship, and on Wednesday evening Cory Gamble visited one of the restaurants in Los Angeles in the company of the chosen one. As writes, the 62-year-old head of the clan Kardashian looked happy. Celebrity showed not only an upbeat mood, but also a stylish outfit. Kris wore an elegant overall, a light beige shoe, and a coat from the Italian brand Gucci.

It is worth noting that the pair has been dating since 2014. Their romance arose immediately after the celebrity spouse declared himself a transgender, and proceeded to a series of operations to change the sex. Nevertheless, in the relationship of lovers was not always an idyll. In March 2017 Kardashian said that she had left her boyfriend. The reason for this was the protest of her children, who did not like the new mother's chosen one. However, it seems that now the reality show stars have found a common language with Gamble. It is noteworthy that the fur coat, which showed Kris, is estimated at 55.256 dollars.

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