Kristen Stewart spoke about her sexual orientation

The 28-year-old Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart gained special popularity after filming in the saga "Twilight" in 2008 with Robert Pattinson in the main role.

Later the pair began to meet, but their relationship broke up in July 2012. After a loud separation, Kristen began to notice in the company of girls, the actress had novels with known models.

Kristen recently decorated the cover of the Paris magazine Mastermind Magazine, in an interview which raised the topic of her personal life and sexual orientation:

"Yes, ambiguity is my favorite thing, in terms of sexuality? Of course", she says." And also in making movies. If you perfectly accurately answer each question, you do not give people "write for thought". I feel the same when having sex. You do not need to know until the end," - says the actress.

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