Lady Gaga has published the final song from the movie 'A Star Is Born' (VIDEO)

'I'll Never Love Again' song conveys the story of the relationship of the main character with her lover.

Lady Gaga presented on her YouTube channel a music video with the song 'I'll Never Love Again'. The video is assembled from fragments of the film A 'Star Is Born', in the final of which this composition was played.

The song is dedicated to the romantic relationship of the beginning singer Ellie, played by Lady Gaga, and the renowned musician Jason Mayne. They were brought together by a casual acquaintance in a bar in which transvestites performed. 

After that, Mayne pushed Ellie to build her own musical career. However, as the singer gained fame, Jason's own well-being rapidly deteriorated. As a result, Ellie wrote the song, in which she concentrated the most emotional moments of their life together.

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