Matt Damon apologized for his words about harassment

His apologies Hollywood actor Matt Damon brought after being severely criticized for his statements against the backdrop of a massive sex scandal.

Actor Matt Damon apologized for voicing earlier about sexual harassment and noted that from now on he plans to remain silent, writes Rolling Stone. It is known that the star of the trilogy about Ocean's friends originally stated that he is ready to work with people who were accused of sexual harassment. After this, the activists began collecting signatures to get the actor out of the tape "Eight Ocean Girlfriends".

As a result, Damon was forced to bring public his apologies for the statements. "I want to apologize, I think that I need to take a pause for a while and shut up so that I do not blur something else," Damon said. Initially, Matt Damon said that he is willing to work with people accused of sexual harassment. Recall, before this, activists criticized the actress Meryl Streep. It is assumed that she knew about the crimes of producer Harvey Weinstein, who was also accused of sexual harassment.

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