Megan Fox told about her family life

Hollywood beauty Megan Fox told about her family life in an interview with E! News.

31-year-old mother of three children, actress and designer of lingerie, successfully distributes time between family and work.

Megan at home helps her husband: "In the morning, Brian is engaged in the children. He takes them to a kindergarten, and I take them away."

The actress is sure that we need to find time to be alone with her husband: "Once a week we go to the movies or to dinner. I try to follow the simple rule - not to talk about children, but this, of course, is almost impossible."

Of course, the beauty touched on the topic of proper nutrition: "I eat only organic food. I drink about three liters of water a day and not more than one cup of coffee."

Therefore, Megan Fox looks so beautiful and herself represents the underwear from her collection.

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