Michael Douglas refuted allegations of sexual harassment

Hollywood actor and producer Michael Douglas continued the succession of celebrities, whose addresses were accusations of sexual harassment.

A former employee of his production company said that 32 years ago Douglas masturbated before her, and also repeatedly indulged in obscene statements. The lady, whose name is not yet disclosed, told her story to The Hollywood Reporter. And the journalists turned to 73-year-old Michael for comments. In response, he decided to publicly come out with a refutation of these statements. The actor claims that this is an absolute lie, but he is forced to react to it before the official publications in the media, as his children are frightened, upset and feel "uncomfortable" because their father's name is denigrated as "sexual predators" .

Recall that the sex scandal in Hollywood, which began in the fall of 2017, and does not think to subside. Accusations of crimes of a sexual nature are being brought up against more and more new well-known cinematographers. So, one of these days it became known that three women named rapist of the director and scriptwriter Paul Haggis - the winner of two awards "Oscar" and two awards "Emmy".