Naomi Campbell was insecure about her body

47-year-old British beauty Naomi Campbell told about her complexes.

It turns out that the legendary supermodel was not always confident in her body and for a long time felt uncomfortable during filming in her underwear. About such problems Naomi told during the filming of the program "Good Morning, Britain".

Naomi was asked how she relates to celebrities who share nude photos on social networks. In response, Campbell said: "This is what they want to do. I can not do this. I was always insecure in my body. When I first went to New York, I wore a cloak, if I had something fitting on me. "

Of course, everyone was surprised by this answer. After all, the "Black Panther" for so many years at the top of the model career. Beauty for so long time manages to look impeccable and orderly thanks to regular courses of detox and cleaning the digestive tract.

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