Neural networks wrote a song in a Taylor Swift's style

Artificial Intelligence pretended to be a pop singer and wrote a heartfelt song about love.

Computer bot service studied the work of American singer Taylor Swift and wrote a similar song.

Swift fans noticed that the AI was able to accurately convey the style of a pop star. At it was felt that fans were bored with new releases, as Swift released the last album more than a year ago. Experts showed the neural network of 50 songs of the singer and asked to generate a new one. In the end, AI wrote a lyrical composition The Last Word, which tells of love. In the song, there are complex verbal turns, comparisons and even humor.

For example, in one line, the neural network compares the environment with the "wound around the corner," and in the other, confesses in tender feelings to the partner - "I wear your T-shirt in the afternoon and I love you all night." The singer's fans appreciated the complex metaphors, for example, "She is everywhere, like Jesus."

The creators of the neural network showed Swift their song on "Twitter", the singer did not answer yet. expressed the hope that the pop star would like it and joked that she would not sue them.

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