Pamela Anderson Has Never Spoke To Kid Rock After Their Split

Pamela Anderson candidly commented on her relationship with Kid Rock, her former husband.

The two called off their engagement 15 years ago and got married in 206 on a yacht. However, Pamela decided to divorce in the same year. They parted in 2007. The star told that she never spoke to her ex-husband again after their split.

According to Pamela, Kid did not hunt when he was with her. She considers him very Republican now, but thinks he was not.

Developing the topic the star told that she is not quite fond of Donald Trump. She gave her vote for Jill Stein 2 years ago. Anderson was hired for Trump’s birthday, though. Al the stars were paid $500 a day then.

The celebrity also spoke of her relationship with her sons. We remind you that she is mother t 20-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Brandon.

Pamela considers her children to be adults and that they can make their own decisions. The proud mother stays out of it and watches the differences in their characters, their clarity and ambition.

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