Ryan Reynolds is preparing his own 'Home Alone' version

Ryan Reynolds will reunite with the studio of 20th Century Fox and will produce the new comedy, inspired by the film "Home Alone", titled ... "Stoned Alone".

Also, the Deadpool star is considering playing the main role in the project. The plot is dedicated to the story of a loser growing grass that was going to celebrate Christmas at a ski resort but was late for the plane. So the hero remains alone at home, smoked and soon begins to experience a sense of paranoia: he imagines that someone has entered the house. However, it turns out that the thieves really climbed into his house. Being in an altered state of consciousness, fueled by ever-growing paranoia, the guy decides to fight the burglars and protect his home.

The idea of the picture, of course, with the rating R, belongs to producer Matt Riley. For the director is responsible for Augustine Frizzell, the script is written by Kevin Burroughs and Matt Meider. The release dates and the beginning of filming were not disclosed.

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