Scarlett Johansson was on Tom Cruise's 'Auditioned' list

A former assistant to Cruise said that representatives of the Church of Scientology, to which the actor belongs, provided him with a list of consolations, which included the most beautiful Hollywood beauties.

Tom Cruise has not yet responded to the news that he was given a list of

potential lovers from Hollywood, but the representatives of the church to which he refers, said that Brendan Tai, ex-assistant of Tom Cruise, exaggerated his authority in history because he should was to monitor the surveillance cameras.

However, the existence of the list in the church, too, did not say anything. Tai said that the list came to him when he was asked to print it, and he accidentally saw the name of Scarlett Johansson on the list of mistresses for Tom Cruise. Scarlett himself denies this and says that she is completely independent to start the relationship personally, and not wait for someone to come and ask her for permission. She called Tai's story crazy.

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