See Cindy Crawford And Presley Gerber Advertised Pepsi And Super Bowl

Cindy Crawford and Presley Gerber, her son, starred in a Pepsi commercial during this year’s Super Bowl.

The 30-second advertisement called "This Is the Pepsi" featured additional stars who have advertised the previous Pepsi spots. Besides, the whole thing was a throwback to Cindy’s famous 1992 commercial.

51-year-old star shared that people come up to her and share how much they enjoyed her original Pepsi spot from that time. Crawford confessed that the footage was a great moment for her. It has spanned generations. The celebrity is proud to be a part of this iconic pop-culture phenom.

We remind you that the 1992 commercial shows Cindy, a 26-year-old at that time, pulling up to the Halfway Café in a red sports vehicle. She is wearing jean shorts and a white tank top. While the model is buying a Pepsi and drinking it, 2 young guys are staring at her.

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