Selena Gomez' tattoo artist spoke about her condition before the hospital

It became known in early October that Selena Gomez was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown.

Everyday fans are waiting for new details about the singer and her state of health from close people of the star.

So the other day, Selena's tattoo artist, Keith McCurdy, told the Page Six publication that he had spoken to her a few days before entering a rehab clinic.

'We communicated shortly before news broke that she was in hospital now. She was going to come with a couple of friends and make a new tattoo, even sent me a video describing what she was going to fill. She was in a great mood', the master said.

So far, the singer herself has remained silent. True, almost immediately after the news of her hospitalization, Selena conducted an online broadcast on Instagram, assuring her fans that everything was fine.

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