Angelina Jolie walked around Paris in a transparent dress without clothes

After exhausting filming in the next film, Angelina Jolie decided to relax and gave herself a Paris vacation.

Angelina Jolie has never claimed the title of an icon of style, and her images are always elementary and concise. In everyday life, the actress generally prefers not to stand out from the crowd and chooses low-key and very modest outfits. In her wardrobe, you will never meet glamorous brands, she does not appear in bright, flashy colors, and is utterly indifferent to accessories, but the latest appearance in Paris turned everything upside down.

A celebrity came to Europe to meet with friends and plunge into the high life. So the photographers caught Angelina walking with the legendary actress Jacqueline Bisset. On this day, both actresses chose white images. 74-year-old Jacqueline appeared in an elegant pantsuit, which complemented the massive jewelry, and Jolie chose the romantic pleated dress from the brand The Row.

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