Beyonce forbade party guests to make selfies

Beyonce and Jay-Z is becoming a good tradition to organize parties dedicated to the Oscars.

Last year, the star couple organized a secret after-party, eclipsing even the annual Vanity Fair evening, where they honor Oscar nominees. In the same year, Beyonce and Jay-Z will hold an exclusive event on the eve of the Oscars, and we are sure that not a single Hollywood star will want to miss it.

As you know, many celebrities and famous publications organize parties on the occasion of the upcoming or already held awards ceremony, so celebrities often choose carefully where to go. But to Beyonce, they will definitely look at the light (if they are invited, of course), because there they will be able to feel easy and at ease, without fear that the unfortunate photo will fly around the whole Internet tomorrow.

'Beyoncé and Jay-Z have established a strict rule. None of the guests should be photographed and take selfies so that funny social pictures do not get into the social networks. They are going to have a secret evening and require guest stars to leave their bodyguards at home to have more free space” - An insider told The Sun magazine.

The date of the party, of course, is not advertised; it is only known that it will take place in the luxurious Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont.

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