Brooklyn Beckham shot a clip for JAWS (VIDEO)

20-year-old Brooklyn Beckham takes the first steps in a directorial career. 

The son of a star player made a video for the British indie rock band JAWS.

The Brooklyn choice of End of the World is not accidental. As it turned out, he attended a concert by the group and was delighted with this particular composition:

“I had an idea to make a clip for them. I met with the guys and asked if I could do it for them. The idea that we came up with Louis Bury, they liked, and we started to shoot."

The shooting took place at the Roaring Tiger Karate karate club in Kosli in honor of the late father of drummer Eddie Gich - an admirer of this martial art. Young Beckham said about his impressions:

"What a pleasure it was to work on a clip with these wonderful people."

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