Bruce Lee's daughter criticized Tarantino

Shannon Emery Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell, younger sister of actor Brandon Lee, criticized Quentin Tarantino.

As reported by The Independent, the demiurge got from the fifty-year-old actress on coconuts for his last, ninth film "Once ... in Hollywood." Namely - for the way, Tarantino portrayed in him the father of a woman.

At the same time, she noted that precisely to the actor Mike Mo, who played Lee, she has no complaints - the "caricature," as she considered, the image of the legendary master of martial arts exclusively on the director's conscience.

"No, I certainly understand what they wanted to make a supervillain Brad Pitt's character better. But it's wrong" - indignant actress. We note, for the sake of justice, that at the end of his hasty life, when Li reached impressive glory, the character of the legend deteriorated completely, and paranoia increased to epic proportions.

That is the reason behind the many stories more similar to jokes and scenario moves, but quite real. "The most deadly man in the world" was twitching from any rustling, while desperately "stars" and fell into psychopathy, becoming decisively unbearable for others.