Brutal Keanu Reeves in a black and white photosession

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, after a break, pleased his fans with a stylish photoshoot.

The star of "The Matrix" took part in the shooting for GQ magazine, on the pages and cover of which appeared in the image of his movie hero John Wick.

In the black and white photo set Reeves poses in sunglasses and designer suits from Louis Vuitton, Chester Barrie, Saint Laurent, and The Row. In this way, Keanu has the appearance of a stern and brutal man.

The photo session is also a marketing campaign for the third film about a professional killer. Keanu Reeves will play the main role again. The actor himself described the film as a

the quintessence of action and a lot of fighting scenes. The actor also noted that he was unusually pleased with the way the film was shot. According to him, there was a great friendly atmosphere on the set.

In a recent interview, the actor said that he would play John Wick until he could perform all the tricks physically and until "until the audience wants to see him on the screens."

Recall that the previous two films were warmly received by critics. Most of the spectators noted the combat training of Keanu and skillfully set battle scenes.

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