Cameron Diaz in comfortable clothes on a walk-in Los Angeles

After leaving the movie, Cameron Diaz devoted her to family chores and began to lead a healthy lifestyle - the actress has long been seen more often in a regular supermarket than at a social event.

So yesterday, she was photographed near a furniture store in Los Angeles. Cameron went shopping in comfortable clothes: she was dressed in a cream sweater, tight jeans, and slip-on.

Diaz did not leave the store empty-handed - two large packages testified that her shopping was successful. The creation of comfort at home, apparently, the actress is now much closer than shooting in films and advertising. It, however, is not surprising because during work in Hollywood, the star, according to her close friend, often experienced real stress due to constant attention.

Although she was always in the spotlight, she was uncomfortable in this role. For her, it was stress, which over the years affected her, - he said.

Well, now, according to him, Cameron is very pleased with her married quiet and secluded life - she spends a lot of time with her husband, Benji Madden, whom she calls the “greatest man” and her “best friend,” and does not miss the acting profession at all.

Now the celebrity enjoys a quiet life and the opportunity to devote himself to his family. According to a source close to the star, Cameron Diaz is not going to ever return to acting. This topic is completed for her and will never be touched. At the moment, the arrival enjoys a well-deserved rest.

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