Celine Dion made a stylish haircut and looked younger

In the high fashion week in Paris, Celine Dion surprised the public now and then: she appeared in one body, then did a strange make-up.

But the other day, when the singer made a stylish haircut and coloring, fans said that she 'threw off' almost ten years.

The extended bob caret plus blond staining with accented platinum strands refreshed the image, made the facial features softer, disguised age changes visually.

Even this winter, the crowd began to gossip that Celine finally fell in love. Three years ago, she lost her husband, but the new love seemed to bring her back to life. She was chosen one younger than Celine by 20 years. According to rumors, this is the choreographer of her show Pepe Munoz. They say the singer is actively rejuvenating for his sake.

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