Celine Dion strips her slim legs in a transparent dress

One of the highest paid singers, Celine Dion, made a splash of new appearance on stage. 

The 50-year-old celebrity charmed with her slender in a black dress for the smell.

To perform at a concert in Los Angeles, a Hollywood celebrity wore an ultrashort dress, which aroused the enthusiasm of the fans. The length of the shimmering dress with tulle frills exposed the incredibly slim and pumped legs of a 50-year-old singer. It is worth noting that Celine Dion has an amazing figure, and the black belt at the waist only emphasized perfect forms.

The star has added that a spectacular image with suede pumps with high heels. Thanks to the collected hair, it was possible to see long earrings with rhinestones, the brilliance of which was illuminated by spotlights.

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