Celine Dion surprised fans with an incredible stretch

Thousands of beautiful women can envy singer Celine Dion because, at 51, the star has a fantastic figure. However, this is the result of daily workouts in the gym.

The other day, Celine Dion once again confirmed this by publishing spectacular photos from the gym. The frames show how the artist makes a stretch in front of the mirror, striking the flexibility of her body. In particular, Celine Dion quickly raised her slender leg, sitting on a soft mat for fitness.

“Stretch, dance, repeat - this is Celine’s team,” Celine Dion commented on the pictures.

It is worth noting that the Canadian actress engaged under the close supervision of a star trainer. It was she who made a series of shots for Celine Dion and helped make the foot warm up like a ballerina.

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