Demi Moore talked about drugs in her life

The actress was stunned by the unexpected confession. Only recently on the Web, there were excerpts of a memoir by Hollywood actress Demi Moore called "Inside Out," as the described events caused them great excitement.

For example, from an autobiography of a 56-year-old star became known that her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher had seduced her into group sex and twice betrayed her as she emerged new stunning facts from the life of a celebrity.

Demi was depressed because of a case with her husband, in connection with which she decided to have a party at home, which was also attended by her 23-year-old daughter. At some point, the holiday guests began to use nitrous oxide, and Moore joined them. After that, the celebrity used synthetic marijuana, which led to the attack.

She explained that friends called an ambulance, and she urgently hospitalized.

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